Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hotel Management Courses

The past decade has seen an unprecedented rise in the travel and tourism industry, with an accompanying growth in the hospitality industry. Hotel management is the new 'it' career; thus, more and more schools now offer hotel management courses for those interested in the industry.
For those interested in the field, hotel management courses are a must. After all, a manager needs to be somewhat of a superhero. They are not only responsible for the smooth operations of their establishment on a daily basis-which usually includes a host of sub-establishments, such as restaurants, spas, casinos, clubs, bars, gift shops, business centres, and gyms, among others-but they must also be responsible for the business's financial success. They must ensure that their clients are delighted, that their facilities are top-notch, and that the staff members are both highly skilled and properly managed - and also that the business is making money.
Clearly, juggling all these responsibilities is not easy. Hotel management courses teach the manager stay on top of each and every one. They not only need to be experts in smooth operations, they must also be excellent at understanding finance, sales, marketing, customer service, communications, human relations, and perhaps most importantly, revenue management. They must also stay on top of economic trends, both local and global. For example, currency value and exchange can greatly affect revenue from tourists. They must be aware of competition and politics, also both locally and globally. They must be familiar with modern technology, such as automated reservations and communication systems. They must understand social networks and networking, as well as how to utilise the Internet to build and grow their client base and business. They must have strong problem-solving and analysis skills to be able to forecast demands, adapt to changes, and solve unexpected problems and complications. All in all, it's a lot to learn!
Admittedly, the prospect of being a hotel manager may be quite daunting and it truly is a challenging career choice. Fortunately, hotel management courses can provide important practical skills and information required for this career: reservations management, housekeeping management, quality management, food and beverage management, front desk organisation, purchasing and distribution, and telephone skills, as well as more esoteric skills and information such as revenue management, sales management, sales development, eMarketing, eDistribution, communication, finance, and leadership development. As one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world, it offers immense opportunities and promises great rewards, both personally and professionally. The right hotel management courses can help prepare you for success in this highly demanding, yet highly rewarding, industry.

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